High Roller Chinese Poker Action at TonyBet Poker

High Roller Chinese Poker Action at TonyBet Poker

Since the release of the 100 euro cash table per new point on Thursday. In August, TonyBet Focus’ action at the Open Face China High Stocking Table far exceeded the poker room’s most optimistic expectations.

The latest expansion of the proposal, which already includes a popular $25 and $50 OFC poker cash table, has involved several new players who are very active in action, and showed everyone that their enthusiasm for OFC is not of the past.

The high-skate action, led by most German, Irish and Russian players, is looking forward to greater growth as TonyBet Focus is now preparing to roll out a new cash table of $500 and $1,000 per new point. This will push the OFC Cozblind action to a whole new level.

“Our high roller players will receive the most attention from us, and we will continue to convey the feeling that they are in our home,” continued TonyBet Poker. According to him, the new table will be added to the room software from early September, even though a specific date has yet to be set.

While fans are waiting for the start of a new table, the current Kozblid action seems to be definitely in the hands of Russian OFC poker pro “OTBEPTKA.” This is the rule that now holds the title of the biggest state winner, after a superb and highly lucrative performance on the $50 and $100 tables.

The new high-case table, however, may not be the only innovation for TonyBet Focus, as the online OFC poker room is set to showcase a set of new features along with a new website.

Check out the first open-face Chinese online poker site.

Launched in December 2013, TonyBet poker is the world’s first open-face Chinese online poker site.

The room is home to the most interesting and interesting OFC poker game with zero euros in cash.Seat and go tournaments purchased from 02 to 100 euros per point and 0 euros per point.50 to 100 euros, and an amazing number of special events and weekly major tournaments – all available in classic, pineapples and turbo OFC poker.

In addition, with the download capabilities of Poker Clients for Windows and Mac, TonyBet Poker offers a popular, free mobile app that gives you access to all games on your tablet and iPhone, iPad, and Android-enabled smartphones.

Bonus code STARTERDE enables you to receive a first-time payer bonus of 100 percent to 500 euros. When does the OFC action start at TonyBet?